Exciting News: Bluetech Finland Ltd Acquires

Akoship Ltd Business Operations

Bluetech Finland Ltd has pleasure to announce the successful purchase and transfer of AKOship business operations to Bluetech Finland Ltd. The strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for Bluetech Finland, positioning it for enhanced growth and innovation in the marine industry.

The acquisition is expected to fortify Bluetech Finland Ltd's position as a key player in ship design consultancy business. Akoship Ltd, known for its timely deliveries, strong commitment for customer success and high-level services, will contribute its expertise and assets to further strengthen Bluetech Finland Ltd's capacity and portfolio.

Mr. Jukka Mattsson, CEO of Akoship Ltd, expressed optimism about the transfer, stating, "This strategic decision aligns with our commitment to driving innovation and contributing to excellence in engineering services. We are confident that our expertise will find new avenues for growth within the dynamic framework of Bluetech Finland Ltd."

Bluetech Finland Ltd's CEO, Mr. Petri Hakulinen, echoed this sentiment, stating, "The acquisition of Akoship Ltd is a significant step forward in our journey towards becoming an even stronger player in ship design. We are excited about the talent and innovations that this integration brings to our organization."

As part of the acquisition, the whole personnel from Akoship Ltd will be joining the Bluetech Finland Ltd team, ensuring a smooth transition and the continuity of the innovative projects and services that both companies are known for.

This successful business transfer between Bluetech Finland Ltd and Akoship Ltd signals a new era of collaboration and growth in the ever-evolving world of technology and business.

For more information, please contact:

Petri Hakulinen, Managing Director

E-mail: petri.hakulinen(at) bluetechfinland.com



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